AI'ing with kids.

Happy Monday friends!

It was nice to come to work this morning and take a break.  :)  Ha!  We had a great weekend.  We bred heifers for most of it, and my sister Lindsay came over to watch the boys so they weren't stuck in the barn with us the entire time.  Friday was my day off, so I tagged along with Clint, Jen & Doug as they headed to Milton Freewater to AI Terrel's heifers.  They had pulled heats and bred the day before, so Friday morning all we had to do was breed a few more that had come into heat and the time breeds.  The boys came along (since Lindsay was still working that day) and they got to hang out while we worked.  

Cal rides on my back in our soft carrier most of the time, and I try to corral Chandler with a baby gate system I picked up at a garage sale last year.  We only use it for breeding projects, and it has the cow manure to prove it.  :)  Sometimes when Cal gets tired (or hungry), then I put him in his car seat where he can watch and snooze/drink a bottle.  So far, it's worked pretty well for us.  We understand that not every ranch wants two kids running around while we work, so sometimes I just don't go (or we ask someone to watch the kids like Lindsay did later in the weekend) but we knew Friday would be pretty quick and the set up was such that the boys wouldn't be in the way or in the cattle's line of sight.


I may have also won the "Mom of the Year" award that morning.  Chandler normally just sits and watches us work, but he was a little fussy at first (and not wanting to stay in the corral) so I broke out the gummy bears and Chandler ate those while we worked.  Lol - who wouldn't want gummy bears for breakfast at 8:00 in the morning?!? 

After we were done at Terrel's, we thought there might be some to breed at the feedlot but they were slow to come in so the boys & I headed home.  We enjoyed the sunshine, Chandler washed up some of our outdoor chairs so we could enjoy lunch outside before we had an appointment with NRCS to go over some irrigation technical questions we had.

Chandler must have been thirsty Friday, he's drinking in every picture I have in the afternoon.  ;)

Lindsay arrived later that night (I'll post more pictures of what she & the boys did tomorrow - they had fun!!!) and we spent the rest of the weekend working on 7 Diamond heifers at the Top Cut lot.

I thought I'd post a quick vide of what the inside of the barn looks like - I need to do a longer one (and this is low quality, from my cell phone) but it gives you a little idea of what things sound like and look like in the barn.

I took off some time this am to help Clint & Jen wrap up the last set of heats and that was a wrap to our weekend!

Hope you had a nice one too - and that you're living the dream!


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