All because of an AI barn.

"If you lead, I will follow."

- Pulling into the Top Cut feedlot to AI a set of 9 Mile Red Angus heifers - 

- Driving south on Hwy 74 towards Cecil, OR to AI a set of Krebs Livestock heifers -

- Watching the cowboys sort the second set of cows at Krebs Livestock -

I was going through my camera images last week, and found a few pictures I'd forgotten I had taken.

All were from when I was following Clint, who was pulling the AI barn to projects in April. 

I don't want to sound super sappy - but I really, truly mean this; I will follow Clint wherever he goes.  That might sound submissive....but it's meant with a servant heart, because I know if I asked; Clint would follow me wherever I go.  This life we get to "do" together is a good one - and it's made better when we spend time together as a family.  Life and marriages have so (!!!) many seasons - and for this season; it's made better when I follow as a wife and a mom.  There'll come a day when my work may lead us; but in this season, Clint's work leads us.  And it leads us down some of the best roads, past gorgeous scenery and operations, and met at the end by people who we really enjoy working with and whose friendships just carry on right where we left off with them last year.

....all because of an AI barn. 


  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2018

    As a die hard Gilmore Girls fan, when I read your opening line I naturally sang it in my head instead (the main line in the show's theme song is "where you lead, I will follow"...) Anyway, what a sweet little post :)


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