Chores at home.

It's spring time, which means chores kind of get ramped up at our house.  It also means that Clint is gone (most of the time) on AI projects, so the boys & I try to take care of things at home.  We have fall recips on an adjacent piece of ground that we fill troughs for (and check fence) and then spring cows with calves on our property that need checked, water checked and irrigation changed.

The horses also need watering (Chandler's favorite chore) and we've been supplementing them with a little hay, since Clint is keeping them on a dry piece so they don't founder on the newly fertilized irrigated pastures.

It's been fun having Red Angus pairs back at our place!  The Charolais' are turned out in this same piece, but they were at the other end of the field.  It's funny how they separate themselves sometimes.

The double stroller comes in handy at night!  Sometimes Chandler walks but when I get to the place I want to change water, I keep him strapped in.  He doesn't have a healthy fear of electric fence quite yet, and it's just easier to keep him in the stroller while I pulls tarps and reset siphons.

I'm so glad we have two boys that can hang with us while we get work done, and hopefully we're raising them to be good workers too.  Chandler is always saying "I help!  I do it!" and while it might take more time, I try to let him because I think it gives him a sense of accomplishment and what 2 year old doesn't love to do something themselves?  And when water is involved, the chore is all that much more fun.  :)

  I try to start filling tanks first when we get home, then I feed the boys a quick dinner and then we head out to change irrigation water.  That usually takes until 7:45-8:00 and then we come in and quickly do baths and start putting the boys down.  So that's just a little look at chore time at home, and how our evenings go.

I love that our boys are helpers!


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