In the branding pen.

Jess branded his calves at LGW two weeks ago, and I'm just getting around to posting these.  It was a gorgeous day - the boys & I headed over mid-morning to watch, and so that they could see their dad for a bit.  They were branding the calves in a feedlot pen that had hog panels all the way around, which made a great set up for the boys.  They could run up or be in the feed bunks, and see through the panels, but they couldn't get into the pen.  That made things a lot more fun for both of us - and also gave me a little bit of time to snap a few pictures.




We didn't stay until the end, but they got the calves branded and cows worked by early afternoon.  Clint had to leave early to take care of some things for his job, but I think he enjoyed spending time in the branding pen.


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