The things Chandler says.

Chandler is 2 years, 4 months right now and has really started to string words together and clearly pronounce words recently.  An area of development that we've watched is his language; Chandler might be off the charts in growth but his language has been slower.  We haven't been too worried; mostly because he's a boy and my mom said I never talked until I was 3 and I turned out ok.  :) 

The story goes that my younger brother Shawn started talking at 2, and then he taught me how to talk. And look where we are now - haha, I definitely don't have a problem with talking now.  ;)

I wanted to remember the cute things Chandler is saying now, so that's what this post is for.

"Ho Ho" - Horse
"Cow" - Cal (his brother).  It's so funny, Chandler totally thinks that Cal and cows are called the same thing.  ;)
"Tac-tor" & "Bon-bine" - Tractor & Combine
Chandler loves to point these out to us as we're driving.

He knows that a bear says "Rawrrr" and that a cow says "Moooo" and that a chicken says "Bawk Bawk Bawk". 

He is also stringing words together:
"I do it"
"Come sit by me, mama!"
"I bow bubbas" - I blow bubbles
"Num Num, thank you mama"
"Bi Five!" - Hi five!

We love you buddy & can't wait to see what you start talking to us about next!


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