A trip to Klamath Falls.

What I didn't take pictures of this weekend:

1. Clint judging a jackpot and a regional show in Klamath Falls. It was fun to see old friends....in between chasing Chandler.

2. Swimming together as a family in the hotel hot tub. We tried the pool, and lasted 30 seconds (brr!) but the  boys had a blast in the (very lukewarm) hot tub.

3. Hanging with the Moxleys, and leaving a lot of energy at the K Falls McDonald's Playland. Keely said it was good, and she was right.

4. Naps & sleeping in. I think we all got some much needed rest this weekend, even on the road.

5. A 2 year old who ran EVERYWHERE this weekend. Thanks to the families who understood and helped corral him. It was because of this, that we didn't spend much time at the show. Chandler didn't understand that he couldn't be in the ring judging with Clint, and so it was easiest to go do something where he could be free.

6. Klamath's food carts - they're GOOD!

7. Looking at a really nice set of black, shiny, newborn, 70 pound, easy calving Bronc calves out of first calf heifers we AI'ed last September. Thanks Jared for taking time in spite of baling hay, to show us the calves.

8. Eating Panda Express in the middle of an empty parking lot, on a grassy curb while the boys burned some energy on the way home. We may be really good at some things....but eating quietly and peacefully in a restaurant isn't one of them.



What I did take pictures of:

An almost 1 year old who is cruising everywhere!

Eating popcorn in bed after swimming.

Scoring a car cart at Fred Meyers.  And a few pairs of clearance shoes for the boys.

Also: a new backpack.  While we were picking out a pair of swim trunks for Clint's Father's day gift, Chandler found a clearance Frozen little kids backpack. He LOVES wearing a backpack (we take his daycare stuff in one) and I knew he'd use one that he could keep whatever in. So I searched the store high and low for a solid hour (we had time to kill while Clint was judging) for a boys backpack. They had 6 different girls backpacks but zero boys, and Chandler was insistent. So we picked up this sweet pink $7 backpack and Chandler sported it everywhere and fell asleep with it on the way home. He adores it. But has no idea who Elsa is.....

Getting to see the Moxley's new place! The boys loved their toy corral. I loved their views.

A daddy we love, who is good at tickling toys when the boys need a distraction from driving.


It was kind of nice to just "be" this weekend.   Mentally, I needed a break and this weekend was a good one.  Sorry to anyone I visited with
...between running after Chan and just being mentally drained I wasn't a very good conversationalist.

Hope you had a nice weekend too!


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