Cal's Pool Party!

Calvin David Dean - You are ONE!

Oh man, sweet boy - this year has just been a great one and we love how you have completed our family of four.

We celebrated with a pool party for you with friends & family, and I think you had a pretty good time.  You love being in the water and while I didn't get any pictures of that, you went down the big blue slide, loved the lazy river and did a lot of swimming.  You loved swimming and playing with the big kids and had a great time I think!

But your favorite part of the party was probably the cake.....

Thank you to all of our family & friends who came to celebrate!

Cal - you are loved by so many!

Chan had a pretty good time too - he kept saying "More slide!".

Thank you Nana Kelley for the quad!

Happy birthday buddy - I can't wait to see what the next year brings!


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