Life lately.


Yesterday was the Monday of alllll the Mondays, so no blog post. Haha - hopefully today is a little calmer. ;)

We had a great weekend! Most of it was spent in Wallowa County, which is one of our favorite places in the world.  Someday we'd like to retire there....when we don't have to battle the winter snow to get to work at 7 am. 

I'll post about the Triple Creek AI project tomorrow, but here's a sneak peek...

It was snowing and hauling there in June!!! I was super thankful I found this sweet hat Jill gave us in my rain coat pocket. :)

Clint called to book hotels up there the week before, and none were available....but luckily the Krebs family let us stay in their guest cabin outside of Joseph and it was so nice to have the extra space.  We popped popcorn, Chandler loved the loft and stairs, and the boys each got a sink bath each night.

Chandler is TERRIFIED of a shower.  Cal isn't as much, but since I was doing a sink bath for Chandler, it was just as easy to do one for Cal too.  They were both HUGE fans.

 Chandler is still VERY much in love with his kitties....and to his delight, one likes him too. The other is like "See ya!". Lol.

We have been spending TONS of time outside since the weather has been gorgeous.  The boys get to play, and I usually try to make dinner on the BBQ.  I got our first Val's Veggies box last week and I am so thankful that it has started!  We get a ton of fresh veggies every week delivered right to my work - those, along with a case of hamburgers from Cash & Carry and we have dinner covered for the week.  It has totally minimalized my grocery shopping, which I am so thankful for.

But let's keep it real - we eat our fair share of ice cream too.  :)

Last week when I was off for the afternoon, I took the boys to the spray park in Hermiston.  Cal loved the water, but Chan preferred just running back and forth on the grass as the water misted over him.  It was a lot of fun for both of them, and we will be back!

So that's a look at life lately - we're still living the dream!

Hope you are too - if you have time, sound off in the comments one (or more!) good thing that is happening in your life right now - I'd love to hear!


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