Triple Creek Ranch AI Project.

We had a great weekend breeding replacement heifers for Triple Creek Ranch, and Scott Shear & Family.  Scott and his family run cattle in Wallowa County, at the base of the mountains outside of Joseph.  This is the first year All West Select Sires has helped the ranch AI, but they've AI'ed in the past and Scott & his 2 daughters helped us complete the project.  Clint, Ruben and Tyler bred, I thawed and the kids supervised.  :)  And maybe ate a few granola bars & Twizzlers.  Marisol & Natalia came over with Ruben, and it was fun to add them into the mix!

Cal was he rode in the backpack for one set, and then supervised from the car seat for the remaining heats.  He was plum happy being warm in his blanket!

We love having Ruben & Tyler along to help breed - they are quick, smart, efficient and fun!  There really is a great team of people in place at All West, and it makes the work fun.
I was telling my co-workers that this weekend I was the least educated adult in the mix...and I have a double degree B.S. if that tells you anything about the level of education Select Sires employees have!
All heifers were bred to 14AN502 TAHOE.
Scott's daughters brought cattle to us and pulled patches, while Scott brought heifers from the pens.


We set up our AI barn in front of their chute & Daniels Double Alleyway.  I asked Scott if he liked his stationary double, and he said he couldn't believe they'd worked cattle as long as they had in their wooden's night & day different!  We believe so too, which is why we own a portable double and Clint is a dealer for Daniels.

Isn't the ranch gorgeous???
Wallowa County has gotten so much rain this year (we never complain about rain in Eastern Oregon but I think folks in Wallowa County are ready for a least until they can get first cutting put up!) and so Scott had to use the UTV to pull the barn out and through the pasture so we didn't tear things up with the pickup.  That's the beauty of an AI barn - they are light!


The views from the AI barn were outstanding!
We love Wallowa County!  It is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we are thankful to the Shear family for letting us come AI your heifers for the weekend!
Also - a special thank you to the Krebs family for letting us stay in their cabin.  Waking up to this view every morning wasn't too shabby.  ;)  We are very thankful for their ever generous hospitality!
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