4th of July Fun, Fireworks....and a Fugitive.

Happy 4th of July!!!

We had a really nice day!  We slept in, had breakfast at home (although I should have remembered about the Stanfield Fireman's Breakfast) and then Clint headed to help Ryan, and the boys and I met up with Terry, Anna, Cid & Cameron to watch the Stanfield Parade.

Chandler was a FAN of the parade!  We all were.  :)  The girls helped him run out and get candy, and every time he'd get a piece, he'd kind of cock his leg out and pump his arm like "YES!" and then run back and put it in Cameron's candy bag, or the sweet older gentlemen's bag who was sitting next to us.  The two older guys we sat next to were very nice, and I think had fun watching the kids have a good time.

Taylor rode her pony Benny in the parade and did so good with him!  It was fun to cheer her on!

Cal was a fan of all of the tootsie rolls Chandler brought back to him.  :)

Chan was a fan of the fire trucks!

Terry & Anna are like family to us, and we love getting to do community things with them!  And their granddaughters are so good to our boys - it was such a fun morning!

After the parade, I ran home and fed the boys lunch and then we went back into the park to play.  The Carnine's were there too, and so our kids had a ball playing on the slide and swings.

It was a lot of fun for the boys, and they were wiped.  They fell asleep on the way home, so I put them in bed and was doing a few things around the house when I heard a pounding at our door.....

Turns out our 4th of July was also going to include the cops.

A very nice sheriff let me know that a guy who had warrants against him was running from the cops, and he was coming towards our place.  They asked to drive/have access which of course we gave, and he told me they had a search dog on his trail.  I pulled our dogs inside, locked the doors and windows and ran out to turn off the electric fence so we wouldn't shock the cops who were searching for him. 

The cops set up a perimeter around our place and were hoping to flush him towards them with the dog.  Clint was still gone, so I called him to tell him he was missing out on the action.  He was worried about us; but I told him we had a cop stationed right outside our house (see above) and we were fine.  They searched all over with cars, ATV's, a search dog and on foot.  I felt bad for all of the people who had to spend their 4th doing that....

Three hours later, they still hadn't found him so the nice sheriff who first came to my door came back and said they were going to clear the area, and to keep our doors locked.  He gave me a description of the guy and then left.  Clint was headed home at that point, but I was a little uneasy so I kept watching the ditch and kept the boys inside (which Chandler did not care for).  Sure enough - about 15 minutes after the cops left, I saw someone matching their description pop up in our pasture and creep along our ditch to the south.  I called 911 and everyone came back (fast I might add - I was impressed with our Stanfield Police officer who sprinted across our pasture, over hot wire fences and panels with a rifle across his chest!) and they caught him running again.  They handcuffed him, and took him out through our place into a car they had parked in our driveway.  I wanted to tell the guy "If you wouldn't break the law, you wouldn't have to run" but I kept my mouth shut....which is probably a first for me. ;)

I was glad the guy got caught, Clint arrived a bit later and then we headed over to Terry & Anna's to BBQ.  After the chaotic afternoon, it was good to sit back and visit.

Larry & Debbie brought the boys a new tractor each, and both were pretty tickled!

We came home around 8, gave the boys a sorely needed bath and put them to bed, before settling into bed ourselves and watching the fireworks.  That's one of the best features of our place - you can see Stanfield's fireworks from our bed, and if you go to the living room you can see both the Stanfield & Hermiston fireworks!

So that was our 4th of July!  Definitely one to remember.  ;)

God Bless America! 

And God bless our troops, who allow us to be the land of the free, because of the brave!


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