Cattle fever.

It was only a matter of time before the cattle showing bug hit Chandler....

Sunday was the day.  :)

The Umatilla County Cattlemen's Desert Classic Jackpot Show is this weekend at EOTEC, and Clint had been mentioning about how he thought it'd be fun for Chandler to show a heifer there.

I hadn't really given it a lot of thought, but Clint did....and Sunday when all of the heifers were in on the dry piece, he went out with a halter and brought in a heifer to see what Chandler would do.

Chandler was a fan of pulling on the halter, and kept saying "Puuullll", ha ha.

The heifer was a pretty good sport.  :)

This heifer is SUPER gentle, and so they tied her up and gave her a bath.

Chandler was a fan of the hose, and spraying water on her - and like a good heifer, she stood there and took it all in.

So we'll see what Saturday brings!

....something tells me Saturday might bring a trip around the pee wee showmanship ring.  :)


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