Hauling cows.

Where we live, it's very common for people with cattle to have a place "down low" that they winter cattle in, and then a place "in the mountains" where they go for the summers.  Even though we have irrigated acres, we do the same - we keep cattle at home in late fall, winter and early spring and then when the grass has grown enough, we send them to the mountains and let our pasture come back and hit it hard again in the fall.

We shipped our cows off in May, but our friends Terry & Anna needed to send a group to a pasture they rent in Ukiah this past weekend, and we helped out.   It was the first weekend in a few months where Clint has been home so it was nice to spend time as a family.

Terry, Anna & Clint sorted the heifer calf pairs off of their main herd while the boys played.  They loved climbing up their scale house, and playing with the horse shoes.  Chandler also figured out how to open the gates and kept himself occupied doing that, while Cal & I took selfies.  :)

Chandler had a ball checking out the tools Terry had in the back of his UTV.

 Once the pairs were sorted, we loaded the two trailers and were off to Ukiah!

Chandler promptly fell asleep on the way up, with an AI gun & his night night.  :)

It was a fun day spent with friends!


  1. If you send him to Iowa, I'll hire him to sort weaned calves next weekend. Uncle Curt's gates aren't quite that smooth. #muscles


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