Life lately.

Happy Friday!

This week FLEW by and I just didn't take a lot of pictures.  We've been trying to get a few things done around the place at night and so between dinner, baths and those projects there just hasn't been extra time.
So I thought I'd just do a quick catch up post; and wish everyone a great weekend!
Chandler has been wearing his cowboy hat lately and sometimes there are some serious negotiations that go down to get him to take it off for bed.  :) 
I'm a picky eater (you wouldn't know that by looking at me, ha!) but I am.  I found this Italian salad dressing and it is SO good and only 40 calories per serving.  I wasn't looking for a low cal dressing when I bought this, it was just an added bonus.  My favorite salad this month that I've been packing for work has been a cucumber from my CSA box sliced, a tablespoon of feta, and this dressing.  If I have a tomato from my Val's Veggies box, I throw that in too - so good!
Walmart has been having some killer clearance deals on shrubs, so we've been checking them out at different Walmart stores as we can.  The boys love to drive the "tractors" and I figure if they can put up with me looking at plants for 15 minutes, I can let them have fun too.  :)  At our local Walmart, they have this planter and Chandler thinks it is SO FUNNY to ride it.  If it didn't cost $50 I would consider buying it to have at home.....but not for fifty bucks. ;)  Because right now fifty bucks can buy 6-10 clearance shrubs, and mama is trying to landscape on a budget!

This month has been full of weddings, and we've been on the road headed to one every weekend, and are heading to California this weekend.  The boys are staying with my mom and Clint & I will fly down, but it's still a car trip to Portland and back for the boys. They are such good little travelers, and we are thankful that they just "go".
A few dum dums help those long drives out though!

So that's life lately - what are you up to?


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