I get a weekly CSA (community supported ag) box from Val's Veggies, and each week I've been ordering kale to include in our smoothies.  I try to pick up strawberries when they are on sale and freeze them, and then we mix orange juice, kale, strawberries, yogurt and canned mandarin oranges in our smoothies.  When we have quick dinner nights of pizza or quesadillas, I like to make a batch of smoothies to get something a little healthier into everyone.  :)

Chandler loves to run the blender, and Cal loves to eat the final product. 

And pants are totally optional when you're making smoothies.  :)

Our smoothie recipe:
One small can mandarin oranges; drained.
3/4 cup orange juice (or water)
4 large kale leaves, torn into smaller pieces
10 frozen strawberries
2 frozen Gogurts or 1 small container of yogurt

Blend on high until the kale is blended in small pieces.  We don't have an expensive blender so I stop the blending mid way (unplugging the blender, because "Hi, I have a 2 year old" who's running the show) and stir everything up again so it will blend better.

This smoothie isn't on the sweet side, but my boys seem to drink it well.  If you wanted it sweeter, you could add in the light syrup from the canned mandarin oranges and reduce the orange juice.  We like strawberry or mixed berry yogurt as well.



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