Weekend craziness & Nordstrom sale picks!

Happy Monday friends!
Anyone else wake up like this???
Sweet Chan Man.  :)

We had a nice weekend as a family.  Friday was low key; it was my day off so we played a little bit outside until it got hot and then took our party inside.  Temperatures were 103-106* most of the afternoon so we broke out every inside toy we had.

Chandler was excited to watch the tractors driving around on the farm next door to us.  :)

 Cal is officially in the "get into everything" stage.

We played with a lot of dress up clothes all weekend - Chandler LOVES wearing this little racing suit.  He puts his little hand up in the air, makes a fist, and then runs circles around the house laughing.

Clint got home about 2:00 am Saturday morning after driving home from Missouri for Stan's funeral, and the boys were excited to see him when they woke up.  :)  We had breakfast at home (Chandler has this weird thing where he loves raw pancake batter, lol), and then the boys & I went into town to run a few errands and saw that Funfest was going on, so we stopped and checked that out as well.  Chandler was THRILLED to get a balloon.  :)

And that's where the photos stopped, lol.  We went grocery shopping, came home for lunch and headed to Powell Butte for Mike & Becky's wedding. It was GORGEOUS, without being fussy and we really enjoyed ourselves.  The boys did better than expected, but were still wriggly and wanted to play.  We tag teamed eating dinner, while the boys played on the lawn- thank you Barb, Adam, Walt & Deb for being patient with our craziness.  :)

Sunday was a low key day, spent at home in the AC.  I did run to Walmart to pick up a few shrubs on sale, and I'm trying to get those planted around the cellar basement we have to kind of make that look more finished.

Since we did a fair amount of driving this weekend, I had a bit of time to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I was excited to see what was in store; and card holders (or debit card holders like me; even though they don't offer that option anymore) get early access to the sale thru July 19 when everyone can start shopping!
Having early access is key because a lot of popular items will sell out before the sale goes public! 
The sale is a great time to pick up basics and fall staples and I try to pick up a pair of shoes, one pair of jeans, a top or two and a piece of jewelry.   I checked a few things off of my list (see below) this weekend, and will take some time to shop tops this week.
What I purchased this weekend:
I wasn't looking for these, but I hope they are as good as I think they'll be!  I bought the brown in a size 11.  I think they'll be great with ankle pants and a top this fall for the office.
Converse Chuck Taylor Shoreline
I've been wanting a pair of Converse Shoreline, but too cheap to pay full price.  Not only are these on sale, but they are a twine color (instead of bright white) which I think is probably more appropriate for my life right now.  :)  And I love the rose gold detailing!
I bought a pair of Wit & Wisdom jeans in the NAS two years ago and they have been my favorite jeans since then but I have worn the good out of them.  I was hoping that this sale would have a clean pair (no raw edge hem or distressing) and Nordstrom delivered!!!

If you're carrying extra weight around the middle, like me - I would really recommend these pants.  They stay up, you aren't tugging at them, but they are still "skinny".  I love them with an Irma top and a pair of booties.
Speaking of booties; I'm contemplating two different pairs but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  My Lucky booties from two years ago have seen better days but I haven't found a pair this year that I love.  I like to wear a pair of socks with my booties, and don't want a big heel which both pairs I like meet one of my criteria but not both.

I know, first world problems. ;)

I also picked up two blazers for work; I don't know that I'll keep both but that is the beauty of shopping at Nordstrom - they have free shipping and free returns all of the time!  I ran out of time linking to these tonight....because I'm supervising these 2 bath babies. :)

So that was our weekend - a lot of fun, and some nice family time.

How was your weekend?  Are you shopping the Nordstrom sale? If you are - tell me your picks!


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