A weekend in Fresno.

Guys, I was scrolling through my blog posts yesterday while I was at home with Cal (who got the stomach flu this week that his brother had last week) while he was napping and realized I never posted about our trip to Fresno!

So I wrapped it up yesterday, and am posting it today! 
One of these days, I'll have my ducks in a row....but that day isn't today.  ;)


Clint and I flew down to Fresno a few weekends ago for the 4th wedding in what I've casually called "the year of the weddings". 

We have 8 we get to celebrate this year!

  It was SO good for us to get away as a couple and I'm really thankful to my mom for keeping the boys. Not only was the trip a nice getaway for just the two of us, but I love how when you go to a wedding, you are reminded again about what marriage is about. 

In sickness and in health.
For richer or poorer.
A life long commitment.

I think a lot of us get busy with everyday life, and it's always good for me to have to sit still during a ceremony and contemplate what marriage really is, and should look like.

Find your person.
Commit & love them hard.
Do big things with them - chase big dreams.
Don't sweat the small stuff and let the chips fall where they will.

I'm so lucky.  We have a great marriage, and I really think complement each other; but our marriage takes work too.

Those that know us; know that we're both competitive.  We both like to be right, we like to be on top of our game and we like to do things in a way that is progressive, efficient and financially thought through.  We talk a lot about how two independent/Type A people like us might not fit well together in a marriage; but for us - we make it work.  But it also takes work.  It also takes being flexible, and forgiving, and unselfish - which are hard things to be sometimes in a marriage. 

I think what helps us the most; is that we're a good team, and we tell each other that a lot.  Verbal affirmation is good for both of us; and we've learned that along the way.

That doesn't mean that our marriage is rosy and perfect; but we don't fight and when we don't agree on something we both respect one another enough to either a) give the other person some space and time to consider things or b) let them get some sleep.  We sometimes burn the candle too long; and sleeping on something (or just getting rest in general) "fixes" a lot of things for us.  I know they say not to go to bed angry....and I can't tell you the last time I went to bed angry, but I can tell you the last time I went to bed after saying something a little shorter/snippy than I probably meant to or should have.

Just keeping it real.  :)

I've been thinking about how to describe Amanda & Tyler's wedding this weekend; and I've struggled to write something that matches up to what the day was.  It was fun, and detailed (without being stuffy), everyone laughed, some people cried (in a good way!), and honestly it was just really cool to watch two people marry each other that you could tell genuinely love each other.  Amanda is a strong person and you could just tell that Tyler would match her when needed, and step back and let her do her thing when that time came around too.  We hadn't met Tyler, but it was apparent that he has his head in the game; and his heart too.

I just love that.   I love cheering on a couple who you know will make it.

The reception was GORGEOUS!

Amanda's family and Tyler's all did such a tremendous job making people feel welcome, and special and loved.  We were assigned seats at a table filled with cattle friends and it was the best way to spend the evening. 

We just had the best little weekend.

Flying without kids....this was the only thing I was responsible for.  A clutch & my seltzer water with lime.  HEAVEN!

Sunday morning we were up and headed to the airport.  But not before I took a few pictures of the California scenery..... 

Almond trees

Did you know I was born in Fresno?  Since we flew in there (and then drove to Chowchilla where the wedding was) we stopped by the house my mom & dad brought me home too.  It was neat to see it!

Meanwhile, these two had a pretty great time with "Gaga" (what Chandler calls my mom) at the zoo!

Thanks again mom for keeping the boys!


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