Cal is walking!

Our sweet Cal started walking last weekend!

He's been cruising all over the place, and climbing onto everything but hasn't really wanted to walk.  Last weekend though I think it all clicked; and he got brave - and over about three days he just turned it on and now is walking everywhere.

It has to be on his terms though, lol. 

He might be a Sexson.  ;)

I tried, and tried to get a video of him walking but he would just get mad that I was bribing him with something (candy usually, or getting to go outside) that he wanted and couldn't have until he walked; and instead of walking would just plop down and cry.  Poor guy - I didn't need a video that bad, so we just enjoyed watching him take steps and then on Tuesday, I bribed him with the remote and got the video at the top of this post.

We're so proud of you Cal!

And mama friends - you know how great it is to have walkers!  I love this stage!!!


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