Central Washington Fair.

Blog side note - I'm in Spokane this week for a work training and so I've had some time at night to get caught up on blogging.  I'm back posting a couple of weeks worth of posts; so if you're seeing higher volume in your feed, that's why.  It's just me, taking advantage of a few kid free nights.  :)


We get the chance to go to a fair amount of fairs each year, since Clint is asked to judge the beef shows often.  Between work and things at home, we try to go to as many as we can because it lets us spend time together as a family and the boys really enjoy a fair.

That said, the Central Washington Fair in Yakima was one of my all time favorites! 

It was big, but didn't feel big.  It had a lot to do, but wasn't overwhelming.  It had a ton of things for the boys to do, but I never felt like they weren't safe or that I couldn't keep an eye on them.  As a parent, I really appreciated how many family friendly exhibits there were and as someone who works in agriculture, I loved how many educational & interactive exhibits there were to show the public what farming & ranching is like.

I may have taken this picture because I've never seen Clint judge Longhorns - but I think he handled them well!

The fair had an entire building that was filled with toddler-appropriate activities.  We could have spent the entire day in there - it was SO fun for the boys, supervised by fair helpers, clean and open enough that all kids had a chance to play.  It was my favorite part of the fair.

We took a few selfies as daddy was wrapping up the Shorthorn show.  :)

And like any good fair - this one had a dairy barn!

We are always happy to support the dairy industry.  :)

The only mis-step I made is that I didn't take the boys on any of the rides.  I was thinking we could do that after Clint got done with his last day of judging, but we needed to get home to check fall calving cows and change water. 

Chan still talks about "I ride rides!" but I think there'll be another fair in our future that I can make it up to him at.  :)

Thank you to the Central Washington Fair for having Clint as your beef judge, and for inviting our family along.  We had the best time enjoying your fair, and we'll definitely be back!


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