Fall faves.

Yay for fall!

This is my favorite time of the year - I love the cooler temperatures, the fall scents, the weather for fall calving and the weekends at home as a family.

Fall is definitely my favorite.  :)

And in the spirit of the above, I thought I'd share a few fall favorites.

Starting with fall calving.  We have a handful of recips and Red Angus cows who are fall calvers, and I love that we don't have to worry about calves freezing to the ground, and how pleasant it is to run out and check cows.  Fall calving doesn't make a lot of sense for folks in our area due to feed resources (which is why we also have a set of spring calving cows) but where we have some irrigated ground, it makes sense for one of our cow herds and it doesn't hurt my feelings that we get to fall calve in good weather.  :)

Our fall calving helpers are my favorite too. 

I thought I'd also mention a few fall favorite beauty finds I've stumbled across....

Maracuja Oil

I got a sample of Tarte's Maracuja oil and I AM A FAN.

I know it is kind of expensive, so I'd buy the travel size first but my next purchase will be the full size, I love it that much.  A few drops goes a long way, so I think the full size will last a long time and be totally worth it.  It makes my skin feel so good, and I think I will really enjoy it this winter when the air starts drying out.

Bare Minerals Lip in "Dahling"

I bought Bare Mineral's fall mystery set and this lip color came with it.  I love the color for fall - it has enough color to make it look like you have a lip color on but isn't super bright, and it feels like a cross between a gloss and a lipstick which I really like.

If you're a Costco member, this moisturizer needs to make it into your next cart!  It's light, but hydrating and makes your skin feel SO good, at such a great price point!


And not a beauty find - but I continue to be a fan of Bath & Body Works 3 wick candles, and my favorite fall scents are:

Teakwood Mahogany High Intensity
Mahogany Apple


So there are a few of my fall favorites - what are yours?


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