Happy Halloween from our two super heroes!!!

Cal & Chan LOVED Halloween this year! 
Cal is so much ahead of Chandler at the same age verbally, and totally understood saying trick or treat - or as he would say "tick tea" with a huge grin.  :) 
Chandler loved to knock and show off his Paw Patrol pumpkin filled with candy as he would say "Trick or Treat!".
Nana Kelley took them trick or treating around town in the afternoon which I so appreciated!  We had plans to take them, but I had to run back to the office for a last minute deal and so we just had time late that night to take them to the Ledbetters and Francis' to trick or treat with us.  Mike & Jill even had a treat for the adults....mini Pendleton Whisky bottles!  ;)

Oh - and we dressed up at the office too!  I have always joked that the only good thing that came out of the 80's was me but it was pretty fun to dress up in neon and have a fun day with the girls!  Our customers thought it was fun too.
Hope you had a fun Halloween too!


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