Life lately - new job edition.

 It's hard to believe we're halfway through October.....but I should probably know better by now, this month is always busy for us.
Add in a new job, and I'm just trying to keep the wheels on the bus and moving in the right direction.  :)
My new job has been awesome. 

People ask me how I like it, and I feel like I have to always preface that FSA was really good to me, and I enjoyed my time there (and got to develop a lot of great relationships) but NWFCS is SUCH a great place to work, and personally it just feels like a great personal decision to have made.   I joke that I've "drank the kool-aid" but in all seriousness I am really happy with the move.
We knew this job would have me gone more from home, and Clint's job also has him on the road a lot so we knew that new dymanic would have to be something we could manage.  It just so happened that I was on the road five days out of the past ten work days, and I have to give props to Clint for staying home with the boys and keeping the fire burning. 
The first week had me headed to Spokane for a new employee training.  I love that drive, and the little stops along the way.

I thought it was cool to see the wall of 100% Committed projects right as I entered; and even more cool to see the Pendleton crew on the wall!

We even got to see the Vice President.

Well....his motorcade.  :)   He is in one of the rigs below....

I got home Thursday, in time for our branch security training on was a lightly staffed Friday afternoon, so we made the training a little easier on us with a round of Starbucks.  :)

Don't we look very secure?


Last week we had our annual marketing meeting for Eastern Oregon at The Resort at Silvies Valley.

I knew of the ranch, but didn't realize they had built a resort.  It was much nicer than I was anticipating, and really a nice place to have a meeting.

We started with a golf scramble.  We were trying to be efficient with our golf cart usage since we were the only team of 3 so I hitched a ride on the back.

We thought our team was doing good in the blowing rain and wind....until we got back to the conference room and realized 4 over wasn't all that great. :) We might not have won the Yeti coolers this year.....but maybe next!

Tess & I were in a cabin, and it was very nicely appointed.  The Pendleton robe never got used....but it would have if I was there on a vacation!

Who knew partial salt blocks were art.  ;)

We also got to try out their pistol range, and take a tour.  It was definitely a lot of fun, and the golf and shooting were out of my comfort range so that was probably good for me too.  :)

 I came home to these three though....and there isn't a view I love more!

You know....sometimes stepping out of your box or zone (or whatever you want to call it) is risky and uncomfortable.  But if that stepping out leads to a whole new world of opportunities and personal growth; then it's worth it.
And that's exactly what this adventure has been so far.

One month down....hopefully a whole lot more to go.


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