A muddy MLK.

Where we live, it's pretty common to only get 11-12 inches of total rain for the year.
So when it pours and pours and then rains some more in a three day span, we don't want to complain about it (because we NEVER complain about moisture) but we did tire of it a little, and it was hard to keep cows out of the mud. 
Our boys on the other hand thought the mud was awesome!
And jumped in every puddle they could find.  Even if they slipped and fell in a few; they still thought it was fun.


My mom braved the rain and headed over to spend the weekend with us.  We went swimming in Boardman on Friday night, and she stayed with the boys while Clint and I went over the hill on Saturday for the NW Cattlemen's Workshop.
Saturday night we celebrated my mom's birthday with Chinese and two little boys who were full of it!

Cal was a fan of the sweet & sour.  :)

We loved having my mom there and the boys kept asking about Gaga after she left to go home on Sunday. 
After mom went home we hauled cows on Sunday, helped the Rollin Rock crew weigh bulls, and then picked up electric fence on Monday while the sun was shining. 


It was a great weekend; filled with our favorite things - family, friends and cattle.
We're living the dream, and thankful for it!


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