Catching up & my goals for 2019.

It's funny - you get into the middle of a stage of life, and you think you're the only one in that stage.  Sometimes it's because you're not surrounded by others in a similar stage; or you don't have social opportunities to visit with others, or that's not something you choose to communicate.

These last three or four months have been a great period of time for me - I've been getting more sleep and while we're still busy we're not ULTRA busy.  And while most days I come home feeling completely humbled by the lack of knowledge I have in my new job, I've been trying to keep the same mentality I had at FSA where when I am at work; I'm at work.  And when I'm home - I'm home and I don't think about work.   In making my family a priority when I'm home, blogging has just kind of fallen off.

But as we go into 2019, I've made three goals;

1. Go to the gym 3 times a week.
2. Blog 2-3 times a week.
3. Take a few pictures a month with my camera (instead of my cell phone).


The gym:
I started going to a lunch time, 30 min CrossFit class in Pendleton and have really enjoyed it!  It's a manageable workout for me, and I like that I can do it on my lunch hour.  I don't really have free time outside of work to do a workout without getting a babysitter, so this lunch option has just been great!

Today I wanted to post a few random pictures of the boys.

I feel like we are finally (!!!) at a stage where they are independent enough that I can actually relax a bit while they're playing outside or if we're out and about.  This sounds kind of dumb, but I think other mom's will get it - we can do something, and I can be a part of the process vs. worrying about or managing them. 

They're both stable enough to walk or climb, know boundaries, can play independently and Chandler is at the point where he can tell me if something is wrong, or if Cal is doing something potentially dangerous.

So far, ten days into the year I've hit two of the three and I'll try to take a few pictures this weekend. 

Baby steps!  :)


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