Happy 2019!

Happy 2019!

Hope everyone had a safe New Year's and is ready to ROCK 2019!

We don't have any major changes coming our way (that we know of, at least!) this year and are excited just to keep the ball rolling and keep up with whatever comes at us.

We ended 2018 and rang in 2019 the exact same way as we did last year....by AI'ing cows at Terry & Debby Andersons!  It's become a yearly tradition.  :)

Jen, Tyler & RJ bred while Clint and I thawed in two barns.  Most cows were bred to 7SM91 Main Event or 14AN502 Tahoe, a combination that has worked well on the 7 Up cows in the past.

It was pretty cold, so the boys stayed at home with a babysitter (which Chan was NOT happy about) but they will get to be there for other projects.  :)

And as a make up to them - we hit the park later in the day. 

And that's how we spent our New Years!

Hope you and yours have a fabulous year ahead!


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