I play barn!

As soon as we pull in the driveway at night, the boys are begging to play in the barn.
"I play barn mama!" Chan always says.
So we unload, grab a snack and coats and head out to play.  Chandler likes to take his little trike out and ride, and Cal likes to run laps through the chute and both like to play with the bolts & nuts Clint has out while he's putting together Calf Catchers.

It works pretty good too when Clint is gone, and I need to check calving cows since Clint pens the heavies closer to the barn in a big calving lot which makes them easy to check while the boys are in the barn. 
As a side note, every time I check cows, I am SO thankful for the money we spent on outdoor lighting!
So the boys get to play, I get to check cows and everyone is happy!


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