Weekend Wrap Up.

We had one of those weekends where you look up Sunday and think "I really didn't accomplish much".....
And I wasn't too sad about that.  :)
We rolled in Saturday playing in the barn while Clint fed a bale to the fall cows at home and loaded a bale on the pickup to take to the cornstalks.

Then we tagged along to an AI project where Clint was pulling CIDRs with the boys still in PJ's.....

We hung out in the van and watched, since we didn't have anything else going on that morning. 
The boys had a ball!

We came home and found mama's lip gloss.....

And then we fed cows, the boys took a nap, Jonnie came over and Clint & I headed over to celebrate the newly minted Mr. & Mrs. Rademacher at their beautiful winter wedding!

The next morning had us playing with Play Doh at breakfast, and then cruising at the track before we headed to feed cows....

Chan skipped his nap, we had breakfast for dinner, visited with a few friends and then hit the sack!
Minus Cal staying up until 11 pm (why?!? lol) it was a pretty relaxing evening, and we were ready to kick off Monday rested and ready to go!
Hope you had a great weekend too!


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