Well 'old man winter has decided to finally hit Eastern Oregon!

We have had the nicest weather for any December/January I can think of recently, and just when we thought we'd head into Spring without much of a winter - February reared it's head and doused us in snow. 

And while our area is used to some snow, most folks aren't prepared for a lot of snow, that continuously sticks around and that's what we are facing right now.  For Clint's immediate family and my extended family, who lives in the Midwest and sees this kind of stuff every day - you all might be surprised to know that many of our cities don't even own a snow plow!

Our ODOT has done an awesome job though, and the interstate I drive to work every day has been kept in great condition.  Also, Oregon for the first time in probably 20 years approved the use of salt on roadways in Eastern Oregon (after we were closed so many days last year) and that has really helped.

Since the snow is sticking around, we've been trying to manage as best as possible and keep the cows warm, keep water open so they can drink, and feed as much hay as we can to keep their energy needs met.  We're also calving right now, so we've been checking often and bedding with straw when and where it makes sense.  Not all who calve here have a barn to take cows too (they're rarely needed here during calving) so I am thankful we have a nice large insulated shop that is easy to bring new calves into to keep them out of the wind and get new babies warmed up in!  I'm also thankful Clint has been home the past couple of days - I'm not cut out for calving in this weather & being a mama to two little boys.  But together - the four of us make a pretty good team.  :)

Below is just a few pictures from this weekend - the boys LOVE the snow....until they get their hands wet or cold.  Then they're done.  Lol - but it's fun until that point - and if we play our cards right - we can stay outside for a few hours which has been fun as a family.

 Not blood - I gave Cal a ring pop to buy some time while we were feeding cows and he got it EVERYWHERE.  But he was happy, so there's that!

Cal HATED being in the sled; but was quite content to "drive" his little car - so I pushed him and pulled Chandler.  :)

Chandler loved getting to be an "Action Man" (what he calls a fireman) in the snow!

"I'm putting out the fire mama!"

Our cows & calves have handled things well in this weather!  Even the 10 cows we took in and are feeding for a friend have done well, and they headed into the winter with a lower BCS than we'd like.  Hopefully we can keep this trajectory going as we head into a week with more snow in the forecast!


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