Oregon FFA State Convention

Happy Wednesday!

It's been a bit of a busy start to the week, but I wanted to recap our weekend in Redmond at the Oregon FFA State Convention!

Early on, I had asked my mom if she could come over with the boys and I and she agreed.  My sister and I were both in FFA, and the state convention has always been the first weekend of spring break so our family vacation always coincided with that event.  Back then, the state convention moved around each year to a different high school, but every third year was at OSU in Corvallis.  Due to how much the organization has grown, they've been holding the convention in Redmond at the fairgrounds.  This was my first year experiencing convention there and I thought it was a total success! The facilities and community facilities (restaurants, hotels) are really a good fit for this group and I hope they can continue to be in Redmond.  It was also fun to have the boys there with my mom, and kind of felt like a full circle family event.

We took the boys into convention the first morning we were there, and they had the best time in the career show.  (Which has really been improved since my days in FFA - I was impressed!)  They loved getting to play with all of the miniature equipment, and got a few little giveaways from the booths.  Chandler still has the flashlight he got from the SAIF booth and the foam forklift he got from Pape.  :)

NWFCS had a booth and is a sponsor of the convention, so I got to spend time helping with that portion of convention and I also got to judge a few CDE's.  Westin and the FFA member pictured above was one of our daily winners - we played Jeopardy and had a nice display showing NWFCS employees who were also FFA members.

We stayed out at Eagle Crest and I was so thankful for my mom who held down the fort with the boys.  They both had been diagnosed with ear infections late Thursday, so we didn't go swimming but she took them on walks and they had a very nice playground there to play on.  Our suite was very spacious (and VERY affordable) and I would stay there again in a heart beat.

I wrapped up with things on Sunday, and mom brought the boys in and we headed home.  I was so appreciative of her help!  I love the opportunities my job gives me to be involved in community events but with two boys 3 and under - an extra set of hands is amazing!

We headed home and stopped in Moro at their amazing playground before rolling in at 8:00 that night.

We had a fun weekend and can't to do it again next year!


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