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You asked, I answer!

I don't know about you, but I love to read blog posts where people answer random, simple questions they've received.  So I reached out on Facebook and asked for a few questions, and this post is my response to those!
Feel free to send more questions my way - I feel like sometimes I talk about the same things over and over on the blog, because cows & little boys mostly fill my day when I'm not at work but if you have a question - I'll try to answer it!
Question: How do you do it all?  Marriage, work, children, play?
Ummm, I hate to disappoint you but I don't do it all.  :)  But thanks for thinking that, lol! 
Honestly - I try to prioritize things and you get to see the highlight reel here on the blog and Facebook.  I really, really, REALLY believe in having a handful of priorities (ones that are important to you) and then trying to make good on those and letting the rest fall where it may.
And the key is - you have to be ok with a lot of things just bei…

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