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Weekend wrap up.

Happy Monday!
We had a nice little weekend at home, and the boys got to play a ton.
We love these little tractor sets that I bought last year from Costco!

Saturday we ran errands in the morning, and went to visit Pam.  It was so great to see her, and just chat for a bit.  After that I dropped by the Toyota dealership so they could look at the sliding door on my van which had been having trouble closing....they greased it, and I made an appointment to drop it off today.
After that I went to Safeway to pick up a few things, and when I went to get Cal out and shut the door, it moved about 8 inches and then got stuck.  In the open position.  And there was no shutting it, even manually.  Lol - so that was awesome.  ;)
I wasn't going to drive across town with the boys and a door like that, and I knew Clint was mowing the lawn and wouldn't have his phone on him.  It was like the 1980's, where you actually had to have patience and just wait a bit.  :)  So that's what we did - …

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