I was on the phone today with a banker in the Midwest, and she asked me how the weather was here in Eastern Oregon.

I told her it was pretty nice today, but that we'd had quite a cold spell earlier in December.

I then asked her how the weather was there...but I already had a pretty good idea of her answer.

She replied, "It's 12 degrees here, and it's supposed to get worse."

We've been in close contact with Clint's family this past few weeks, as it has been bitterly cold back in the Sandhills of Nebraska and it's supposed to get even colder this week.

You know it's cold when the highlight of the weather report is that it will "warm up to around zero later this week".


It can be a cold world out there, filled with uncertainty and the unknown.

But there is goodness, and light, and love out there too. Which makes me think of this quote:


We plow the fields and scatter the good seed on the land,

But it is fed and watered by God's almighty hand;

He sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain,

The breezes and the sunshine and soft refreshing rain.


With that in mind, we're here holding tight.

Knowing that He has a plan (a great plan!) for us and this next year, and all of those to follow.


Stay warm out there. Warmed by love, and friendship, and laughter and life!

And if all else fails, get a pair of Christmas socks with reindeer on them, and slip those on.


Keep warm friends!


  1. Happy Monday! What a great thought for Monday...perspective...it's a great thing! I LOVE the photo...it warms my heart! Is that your dog??? (In case you didn't know...I'm sort of an animal fanatic :D) And...thank YOU for being such a great help to the Murdocks through all their moving...YOU are a true friend! May warmth surround you ALL week! Sweet blessings!

  2. The photo cracks me up ... totally love it!

    The world is warmer because of you! Thank you for having a GREAT perspective in everything you're a part of!!

    Love you & happy Wednesday!

  3. It was way way cold here in Nebraska. I don't recall it ever being as cold as it was last week. One day we even had to jump the Escape because it was just to cold to start. Brrrrrrrr.

    The good thing is it was 43 yesterday and nice again today.

    The kids planned to sled at Aunt Chucks with all the snow we've had and 40 miles away at her house they had to sled just down the frozed hillside that was lacking snow! Possibly that is a new redneck saying? You might be a redneck if you sled without snow??

    Have a fantastic day!


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