Yes. Of course. Kind of.

I've been struggling lately with the question,

"Are you excited about Nebraska?"

How do I answer?


Of course!

Kind of?


I am excited about our move.

I really am.

New opportunities, new friends (hopefully) and a new lifestyle await.

And I'm excited for them to get here.

I'm excited Clint gets to go home and do what he does best.

I'm excited for new challenges.

I'm excited to have a gym to go to after work each day.

(Hey, it's the small things.)

Just some of the things I'm excited about.


But as I answer this oft-asked question, a part of me is is fighting to say...

I'm going to miss this {life} we've had for the past few years terribly.

My family.
Our friends.
Our lifestyle here.

In a way that those I'm speaking to understand.

That when I say "Yes, we're excited!"

I also mean -

Of course.

Kind of.



We've chosen this path.

And I'm thankful we've had the opportunity to make the choice.

And not have the choice made for us.

holy experience

280. Rain.

281. Rainbows.

282. Sun breaks. (Who thought I'd move to Eastern Oregon & complain about the rain in June!)

283. Knowing the person you're sitting next to on the tour bus.

284. BBQ lunches and listening to the governor.

285. New business and technology for Morrow County.

286. Bunko, baby.

287. $7 shirts.

288. Friends who care.

289. Air conditioning.

290. Back roads driven and 1 minute to spare.

291. Celebrating graduations.

292. Lost treasures found.

293. Library books.

294. The ring. Found...and ordered.

295. An emailed picture from a caring friend.

296. A state softball championship for the Pilot Rock Rockets. Way to go girls!

297. A clean(er) house.

298. An evening spent (squished) on a front porch with friends.

299. Laughter.


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