It has been a crazy week.

(Full) is probably a better way to put it.

Clint & Lindsay made it to Nebraska with all of our stuff.

Lindsay texted me when they got through Wyoming Thursday, "I made it through an entire state without breaking down!".

Something about a relay switch/fuse/thing-a-ma-bob and not having trailer lights at night.

I'm so glad they're there. And they even have the entire trailer unloaded and moved in....how awesome is that?

The PI show this weekend was fabulous. We're going to miss the people we worked with on that show and their friendship.

This will probably be my last post until I get back to Nebraska.

Something about cleaning a house, scrubbing the walls, and loading all of the rest of our stuff into my Camry.

(Pray for me on the last part....but a car can hold a lot of things, right?)

Have the best week!

holy experience

340. Amazing friends who helped us load the heavy things.

341. Getting it all (almost) in.

342. Finding homes for the treadmill, extra washer and dryer and other small things.

343. The donation center at Goodwill.

344. Safe travels.

345. Pretty cards.

346. Mops, wash rags and bleach.

347. Phone calls.

348. Bunco.

349. Raffle prizes, BBQ, livestock and family fun.

350. Costco still open at 8:00 pm.

351. Amazing people to work with during the PI.

352. Did I say I'm so thankful for the amazing people who I got to work with this weekend? Because I am.

353. A thank you and a few tears during the Champion Steer drive.

354. Three PR girls who were awesome help this weekend.

355. Catching a bite at Artic Circle.

356. Finished "A Tendering in the Storm".

357. Fans and a breeze.

358. A morning to sleep in past 5:30 am.

359. Sunshine.


  1. LOVE you! Praying you made it safe and sound!!


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