A list at work that needed to be accomplished.
Errands that needed to be run.
Miles that needed driven.
Family celebrations that needed attending.
Heifers that needed to be moved.
Groceries that needed to be bought.
Calves that need to be weaned.
Love that needs to be showered.
Boxes that need unpacked.
Dishes that needed to be washed.
Floors that need to be scrubbed.
Friends that need to be called.
Plans that need to be made.
Life that needs to be lived.


Life is happening all around us right now.

And can I just tell you that I'm really enjoying it?

holy experience

560. 100% for Lindsay! Good work Paco!

561. More pounds lost.

562. Colds kicked to the curb.

563. A new shirt in the mail.

564. Boxes unpacked.

565. Our own little "Round-Up" in the Sandhills.

566. Curious calves.

567. A little fun after chores.

568. All-Star weddings.

569. Laughter and funny practical jokes.

570. Smiley face & "punk" underwear.

571. Having your cake & eating it too!

572. A lotta love.

573. Catching up over a Coors Light.

574. "Coconut" pizza.

575. Being included.

576. This crazy niece & nephew - gotta love them!

577. A nap on the couch.

578. Wireless at the ranch!

579. A start to a fabulous next week!


  1. Love your pictures of Pops & Mel and Jace & Jacobi. Sounds like your living life the way you've always done so well!

    Can't wait to see you for an epic weekend. Love you!

  2. Love love the pictures!

    So glad you could be a part of our weekend!

  3. well ... I'm missing you ... just so you know.

    and I wonder what 100% Lindsay got?! :)

    and I am cheering you on as you life your life to the fullest!

    Love you ~

  4. :) Such a GOOD, GOOD List! Sweet blessings!


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