Building Fence.

The calves had been weaned from the cows, and the cows weren't happy.

And usually where there are unhappy cows, there's an unhappy fence.

So he gathered his nails, washers, hammer, chainsaw and new boards....and went to work.

In the {cooler} evening hours, armed with tools and an arm that struck with purpose....he took what was broken, and made it new.

The hammer found the sweet spot, and the nails drove deep.

Another piece finished. At least for this day.

Sometimes, it's a series of small things that lead to a big breakdown.

Other times, we're going along through the day just fine, and someone knocks us with a comment, and one of the nails holding together our confidence just can't stand the load and breaks.

But when we love on those around us....

those who are broken, and mis-shapen, and missing a few boards...

{And which of us isn't?}

We can help build back up the fences of our friends and families around us.

Sometimes it's a series of small taps, and gradually the nail sinks in.

Other times, it's a whammy of a compliment, or good deed that drives the nail into it's resting spot.

Building fence isn't always easy.

Loving those who are hard to love sometimes, isn't easy.

Being kind to the ones around us who are the most dependent on our daily love in our work and personal lives, isn't always easy.

I challenge you to ask yourself, as I ask myself...

Who will I hammer with love today?

What nails of gratitude can I drive into those around me?

Whose confid{f}ence can I help bring into line?

Let's pick up our hammer and nails, kindness and compliments, and go build some fence.


  1. Liking the analogy ...... seeking ways to hammer it home! :-)

  2. Let's pick up our hammer and nails, kindness and compliments, and go build some fence.

    LOVE this!! Thanks for the reminder - especially as I start a new school year :)

    Love you friend ~

  3. I LOVE this totally is a great way to remember to be ALL that God calls us to be to others in our lives! Wishing you a GREAT LONG weekend! Sweet blessings!


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