Calving out of their tails.

When you have little boys that are spending the day with you,

and you live on a ranch that also has a feedlot,

with trucks, and tractors, and cows that are calving out of their tails ('wink'),

it's easy to keep them entertained.

We had a great Friday with Mason and Mack.

We made time to watch a few silage trucks get dumped, delivered cupcakes to everyone working that day, and then wrapped up the day by helping Clint go around and check heifers that were calving -

After which we were told that Mack went home to his parents

- who also have cattle -

and asked

"Daddy, why don't we have cows that have babies out of their tails like Clint?"

Out of the mouth of babes. Priceless. :)


  1. I LOVE this post! Hoping you know how much you mean to all of us & that our boys are the "boys" they are because of your kindness and love! :)

  2. A day out with fathers and boys is a rare sight but I tell you, it is one of the best times in parenthood. You will see a different image of your boys when they are with their fathers. May they be happy forever.


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