Four things.

Hello 2012. You've been a great year so far.

So excellent in fact that you've left me little time to put together composed thoughts. Not that I'm complaining....just saying.

Instead of not posting anything this week....for lack of words that comprehend with one another, or time, or energy....I thought I'd just share four things I'm loving right now in this first week of 2012.

I'm hoping the next week of 2012 brings my thoughts back together!

This punch.
I've adapted this recipe to use limeade, but this is a great punch to serve and can be a great mixer for mixed drinks too! PS - It's yummy. You'll be glad you made it.

This makeup.
I don't think of myself as high maintenance but I guess I do like to look nice when I walk out the door. And in October 2006 (yes, I specifically remember the's that life changing) my friend Becky introduced my to Bare Minerals. And my skin has sung songs of Hallelujah ever since. The makeup while a little on the expensive side at first, lasts FOREVER and my skin kinda loves it. I'd never bought the eye or foundation primer before this week....but when I found it on the Last Chance site I took the plunge and can I just tell you how AMAZING it is! Seriously. Loving this stuff.

This blog post.
Because if you've started 2012 with a resolution to eat healthier, I can imagine you're feeling the same way Melanie is. Read to the very end. You'll be thankful for the laugh you get. :)

This weather.
Seriously - while in the back of my head I know if it sticks around we'll have some serious problems this spring - I've still been enjoying it. And with the first calf of 2012 on the ground as of yesterday, I think the heifers calving will be enjoying it too! (Plus, it makes it a lot easier to get out of bed at midnight to check heifers, or help feed in the mornings when it's 40 degrees outside!)


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