5 on Friday

1. I stopped out at the Murdock ranch last night, and got to catch up with two of our favorite young ranchers.

Hopefully I'll get to catch up with their mama this weekend!


2. I've needed this blog these past few weeks. When words have just tumbled aimlessly in my head and in my heart, and thoughts get bottled and pushed aside, I open my browser and see these words about

- how to be thankful -
- how to know that you're needed -
- how to just slow down -

I think to myself - how is this lady reading my mind from all the way in Canada? And then I think - I can't be going too crazy, if others are feeling the same way.



3. This is us...

Just living the dream!


4. Calving is about wrapped up at the ranch, and most of the calves are branded.

That means that AI'ing is right around the corner - and I think Clint and RJ have every weekend booked over the next two months with AI projects.


5. It's a Black Friday weekend at the Home Depot.

In our house, "If it's not on sale, we don't need it". But when it's all 50% off - you can bet I'll be there! Not to miss a deal - I went last night - and scored some serious deals on flowers and planting materials. The rain may prevent us from branding this weekend - but it can't prevent me from doing yardwork!


Happy Friday friends! May your weekend bloom with happiness!

And maybe some 1/2 off flowers. :D


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