The sun may rise in the East;

- but here in Umatilla County

The wheat harvest begins in the West.

Combines have been rolling across our dryland acres since last week, massive headers and shiny machines raking through amber waves of grain, pulling in yields that have allowed many farmers to loosen their grip on the budgeting pencil.

Our farmers are thankful for the yields they're seeing.

Many across our country won't even get to see their combines enter the field.

Drought, high temperatures and scorched crops are prevalent across many of America's cropland acres.

Our farmers here realize how lucky they are. 

Drought is not an unfamiliar word to a Umatilla County dryland wheat farmer. Many years, it's written across the pages of crop disaster applications and insurance claims. But thankfully, for this part of the world, it looks like it won't be this year.

While we've recently seen our fair share of weird weather;
golf ball sized hail, pelting rain and torrential wind;
And while there's still thousands of acres to be put in the bin yet - 
 so far, the combines have kept rolling on.

Here's to a continued, and bountiful harvest.

- Wheat Harvest 2012 -


"There's nothing quite like the cadence of the wind across the wheat."



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