Just a list.

1. Life is good.
I feel like a lot is going on, but not anything so major that I can make a real post out of it.  Or maybe I'm just being lazy.  Either way, life is still good.  Work is still enjoyable - and we're not crazy busy - and it's nice to be able to come home in the afternoon and have some light and energy to get stuff done.  And since it's still light out, I can even get some pictures when I go out with Clint to check pairs or change water, and that makes me happy.  It's the simple things in life.

2.  Go Team USA!
The Olympics have a vice grip hold on me.  I mean, I have stuff to do, and a house to clean, and a yard to mow...and yet all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch sports that I wouldn't normally turn the channel for!  And so I do. 

Seriously.  It's like, "When else would I drop what I was doing to to watch a good portion of the women's road race"?  And I have some friends who were on the crew team at OSU - but sit down for an hour to watch it on the television?  Really, not usually.

What is it about the Olympics that is so captivating?  Is it that it only happens every 4 years?  Is it patriotism?  I don't know - but whatever it is, I've given in to the fact that if the Olympics are on - I'll happily be on the couch watching them.  My floors can wait until next week.  Go Team USA!

3.  That's me on the road there.
I bought a bicycle.  And I've even been riding it.  I also bought what my boss calls an "idiot helmet".  (He's like a real bike rider - he does Cycle Oregon and all that jazz.)  I wear that too - I figure I'd rather look like an idiot, and have my brains at the end of the day. 

4.  Bunco Baby!  
One of the groups I play in meets tonight after skipping last month because our game fell on the 4th of July.  I'm ready to roll some dice!

5. Fields of white.
The Charolais babies are growing!  Wade and Wyatt stopped by last Saturday, and we got to go through the pairs.  I drive by them on the freeway every day but it was fun to walk and see how much they've grown.  They're pretty cute - and pretty friendly.  Most of them you can about walk up to and scratch on them. 


  1. Looks so nice and green there.

  2. Add to your list ... go hang out with Lindsay :) I'm wishing I had a bike now too ...

  3. Lindsay - I agree. :)

    Kristi - We're fortunate that we get to run these cows on irrigated pastures. Know we're thinking of everyone back there, and wishing for the rain and greenness to return to you all too.


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