Let the bawling begin.

It's weaning time at Double M.

For a few weeks now, Double M has been working on pre-conditioning calves and then they started weaning calves.

The first-calf heifers were weaned first, followed by the rest of the groups.

After being sorted off of the cows, the calves are sorted by sex.

Steers are hauled to the feedlot where they're weighed and then worked by the crew that works at the feedlot.

Heifers are hauled to a different set of corrals where they're also weighed and then worked.

And then the cycle starts all over again with a new group of pairs the next morning.


  1. I always feel sad for the momma's when their calves are weaned, they sound so pitiful! Of course, having them mill around the house, bawling all night long might be another reason why I feel sad..lol!


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