The Kliewer's.

The morning after the Moxley's wedding, we did what we normally do on a Sunday morning.

We went and looked at cows. 

Actually, Ty called and asked us if we were ready to come look at his luggage. 

That's kind of an inside joke - our friend Kerri Carpenter (who is also my insurance agent, and we were on the same judging team at OSU) raised Gelbvieh's growing up, and loved them.  But someone started calling them "luggage heads" when we were on the road to see if they could get Kerri all riled up.  They could - and did - and the nickname stuck; because let's face it - Gelbvieh's are not always the most feminine breed of cattle. 

Ty's always one for a good joke - or nickname - so we let him in on the joke and now he always plays along.  

As we were looking through Ty and Brooke's herd I thought it was pretty humorous.  Even though we weren't the ones on a honeymoon, it made me think of Ty and Brooke's honeymoon. 

Normally, people go to places like the beach or Hawaii for their honeymoon.  But not the Kliewer's - they went and looked at cows in Montana and bulls at the Midland Bull Test.  I don't know if they did other things - but the crew of us that knew them back at OSU made the story to be that they just went and looked at cattle.  I'd never really gotten to know Brooke at OSU, but I always remembered thinking -  that lady sure is patient - and she must really love that guy to let him take her on a honeymoon like that. 

She does - it's evident. 

And Ty clearly loves Brooke - but sometimes he shows that love with a headlock. Lol.

I think Ty and Clint were glad to get to catch up over a few beers at the reception, and I so enjoyed getting to visit with Brooke at the wedding.  We also got to meet and get to know their two kiddos Cade & Anna.  They are adorable. Well behaved, funny, and full of life. And I quickly realized that Cade is going to be just like his father.

I mean friends -- he's a spitting image.

Cade - Or "Ardy" as he likes to be called.
And here I've always thought that there could never be two Ty Kliewer's in this world. 


  1. Hi Darcy. Ty just shared this with me, it brought tears to my eyes to see my kids that small again. I sure do miss those days! You are gifted with writing your stories and taking pictures. Thank you so much!


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