Chuteside on RFDTV.

I remember when we first started paying forTV....

We lived in Corvallis, and got quite a few free local channels.  Plus, we were rarely home to watch TV, so it didn't make a lot of sense for us to pay for TV.

But then Superior Livestock started broadcasting livestock auctions on RFDTV.  And while it was a luxury, it was also an easy way for Clint to stay on top of the markets - so we ponied up, and got satellite TV. 

Let me be clear - the only reason we even considered paying extra for TV was because of the RFD channel.  I was just thankful that the Food Network and Bravo were in the same package. :)

That was the summer of 2007 when Lindsay lived with forward a few years and the circle has come around.

Because this Monday evening, Clint - along Morgan, Justin, Mike & Adam - will be on this week's episode of the American Rancher on RFDTV.

RJ would be too...but sweet little Reagan was making her appearance into the world when they were filming, and that kind of took priority.

Ever since we have lived in Eastern Oregon, Clint has helped Cable Creek Ranch breed their heifers.   Clint and RJ have helped quite a few more ranches with their breeding projects since they bought their breeding box, and this year helped Riverside Ranch breed their heifers at Top Cut feedlot.

Both of these ranches use quite a bit of Genex semen, so when Genex and Superior Livestock formed a partnership this spring, they decided to come out to Oregon with the American Rancher TV crew and film a half hour segment showcasing Genex's Chuteside Service. 

They filmed the episode at the Jacobs family's Riverside Ranch outside of Seneca and at the Warn family's Cable Creek Ranch outside of Pilot Rock. 


Last weekend at the OSU game, Lindsay said -

"Clinton! Your life long dream of being on RFDTV is about to be realized!"

And while "life long dream" might be a bit of a stretch....
I'm very proud of Clint and the rest of the guys featured on the show.

A big congratulations to the crew - and here's to many more successful breeding seasons!


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