Fall....and falling.

Well, hello there Fall.

I've been waiting for you.

I've been looking forward to cooler temperatures, a freeze that kills off the flies, dried corn stalks that rattle in the breeze and float across the feedlot, fall calves that run and buck across pastures, and not having to water the lawn or my flower beds anymore.

What I didn't expect
(but should have, now in hindsight)
was the


Longer days at the office, stress over end of year wrap ups and payments, 10 sets (and counting?) of twins and the extra work they bring, frustration towards things that shouldn't matter, and this fluttery feeling of non-control that I've felt this past month.

And in case you don't know me; 
I am a person that likes to be in control.
Type A - that's me.
In charge - I like to be there.

I have failed, and faltered, and flailed these past few weeks.
But I hope that I've also managed, and meeked out and mired my way through.

Perfect - not all all.
Trying - I'd like to think so.

And you know what -

It's all worth it.

All of it - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you and I are trying to live a life with width....and not just length;

We have to expect the downs with the ups. 
And be ok with all of the falling....
because it makes the rising up all that much better.

So here's to Fall - and everything that it brings with it!



  1. LOVE this! I need to copy and paste directly into my blog that is "falling" behind!

    Here's to a life with width & length and a whole lot of depth too!

    Love you!


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