Day 13.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving....

I'm giving thanks this month each day on my blog.


Day 13

I'm thankful for visits. 

Growing up, we never really had neighbors drop by to visit, and I didn't really quite understand what to "sit and visit" really entailed.

But when we moved back to Nebraska, I learned the art and joy of the "visit" from my mother in law and sister in law.  Some of my favorite times there were spent gathered around Mel's table, her with a cup of coffee, me with a can of Diet Pepsi and Kristi with a Mountain Dew.  We'd visit and chat, make plans, tell stories, and name it, we probably talked about it.  Or we'd go to the neighbors, and sit for a visit.

There was no agenda.  No rush.   No pressure.

Just people who enjoyed spending time together and visiting.

Fast forward a year or two, and while our neighbors have changed I'm glad to say I still get to sit and visit.   I really enjoyed spending some time tonight with Jerry & Sheila, and later Aaron catching up, telling and listening to stories, and just having a good visit.

Here's to the visit, and being thankful for people who keep up the art.

PS - Feel free to stop by for a visit anytime. 
The house may not look perfect, but I hope the company would be worth keeping. :)

What are you thankful for today?

Join me (and a whole lot of other people) in giving thanks.
On a blog, on Facebook, a private journal, or a thought kept in your head.

I bet you'll be thankful you did!


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