5 on Friday.

1. Double M had it's first Spring 2013 calf yesterday.

It's a little small & 10 days early, but it's alive & healthy...so we'll take it!

The heifers were pretty curious as to who this new 'friend' was!

I told Clint last night at dinner that I wanted to name it Resolution.  
I just got a look back.  ;)

2. Chance is still growing. 

Clint thinks he is filling out too - which is good. 
I feel like it looks like we starve him, but I bet he eats 3 bowls of dogfood a day!

3. I cannot kick this cold I've had. 
Hopefully this weekend....

4. The horses are ready for winter. 
Also, Pistol - our little stud colt out of Peg - is also growing like a weed, and his mane is totally crazy.  I think it fits his personality. 

5.  I'm thankful it's Friday. 
Even though I haven't really worked much this week with the holiday and some leave I took.  Clint's headed off to Sunriver for a weekend with the guys, and a little snowmobiling.  I'm staying home, helping with chores, relaxing and taking down the Christmas decorations.

Which I think are ready to be taken down...as I typed the paragraph above, an ornament totally fell off of the tree and landed on the floor with a thud.  I think it's a sign.

Happy Friday friends!


  1. Here's to kickin' the cold to the curb! Hope your Friday was everything it was meant to be & more.

    I thought about happy hour today ... hmmm... you in?

  2. I had to give in and go to the doc. He said i have broncitis and after three days of antibiotics I'm feeling better.

    Good luck to you getting over it!

  3. Praying your cold leaves you soon..and that you get to totally just relax and chill this weekend :) And, that is the cutest little baby....and what better name than resolution..I Love it! Sweet blessings!


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