I think that {behind} is the word of the week for me....maybe even the month.

I've been behind on sleep, patience and time.

I'm behind on cleaning my house, doing the laundry and mopping my floors. 

I'm behind on editing pictures, formulating words that are cohesive, and posting.

I'm behind on loving, behind on laughing, and behind on being a good wife to Clint.

I'm behind on doing some things I want to do for me.  Selfish, but true.

I'm just {behind}.


If you'd have looked up the word {GRUMPY} this weekend in the dictionary,

You'd probably have seen this -

Me - frustrated, tired, comparing, grumpy, me.

It's just this time of year.  It has, is, and always will be a tough month for me.

We've all been {behind}.

Behind the cab of a feed truck, flaking hay off and feeding pairs.

Behind the wheel of the pickup, checking calving cows.

Behind the butt of a calf, urging it to nurse a cow.

Behind a hose, filling water troughs and tubs.

Behind a desk, reviewing, prioritizing and planning.

All of these places are priorities, and important. 

It's just that they can leave you a little behind.

What I still need to work on, and figure out how to be, is -

Behind my husband, supporting him 100%.


Not grumpy. 
Not frustrated. 
Not working myself up over things that aren't meant to be right now.

Behind my desk at work, rested and able to give 100% to my co-workers and our producers.

Behind those closest to me - supporting, cheering, and listening.

I am a work in progress.

I think we all are. 

Like the sun rises, and sets each day - we get a new start.

A chance to be foggy - or filled with light.

A chance to be in front of the 8-ball, or behind the curve.

I don't have all of the answers, I know that I can't do everything, and I don't know if I can be all of the things I've listed above...but I'm going to try.

So here's to being {behind} each other, cheering & loving us through this great life.

Know that I'm {behind} you.


  1. I got your back! Because I know you've got mine!

    LOVE you!! GREAT post - I think you wrote it for me ~

  2. Great Post Darcy and great timing, this helps me and I am sure alot of other people put some perspective on our lives, just keep going, you'll get there, we all will, thanks for being you.

  3. dear grumpy friend,

    love you and all that you do for everyone around you!!


    your grumpy friend ;)

  4. Praying you forward!!! And, so thankful for the truth you share....those grumpy days fall upon us all...sometimes I think they just make the happy days seem better :) You are truly inspiring!!! Wishing you the BEST Thursday ever! Sweet blessings!

  5. Grumpy huh? I checked online and well, I figured I'd find your picture. BUT....even better, I found this...

    How can you by grumpy after that!?


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