Horsin' around.

My husband loves to ride. 

I however, as I have stated many times here before, do not.

So when we have friends over that love to ride too, it's a good thing.

I get to keep my feet squarely planted on the ground....
and Clint gets to enjoy riding with someone else who enjoys riding.

Last weekend - he hit the jackpot. 
There were THREE people here who wanted to ride!

The Hinton's came to visit for the weekend, and so on Sunday, we sorted pairs out of the heavies.

Clint, Kati, Klanci & Hardy rode....
Twist, Jug & Tommy got to work a few pairs,
and Brian & I kept our feet firmly on the ground.

Jackpot for all involved.

Thank you Hinton family for staying with us, and blessing us with your friendship.

And I don't say that just because you rode with Clint on Sunday.  ;)

Although that is a pretty good friendship benefit.

Here's to more days of riding together!


  1. If Clint wants to haul the trailer out here for Alayna's wedding, I would go riding too!


  2. Looks like you had a GREAT weekend....I LOVE all the photos you captured!! Wishing you a GREAT week too! Sweet blessings!


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