The first 50%.

What is cuter than a new baby calf?

Not too much.



Clint is still calving Double M heifers & cows;
but we're happy that we have half of our own Charolais calves on the ground!

Please note: 50% is easy to achieve to when you only have 10 head in your spring herd.

Still - 50% is 50%.

The white babies are so cute amongst the black calves, and they love to play. 

I write that, and then none of the pictures below show calves playing...
so, you'll just have to take my word on it.  :)

I love the Charolais babies when they are first born - they are so cute, and so very white.
(Please take note Kerri Carpenter.  Lol.)

Like any calf, they are goofy and each have their own little personalities. There is this one heifer calf who runs around, with her tail stuck straight in the air.  She is hilarious to watch, and looks like she is having a blast!

All of the calves this year (except one) are out of the same bull who is new to our program this year - Clint AI'ed to him, and then turned him out with the cows - so we are excited to see what his calf crop will look like and how they will grow.

Here's hoping the remaining 50% come as easily as the first 50% did!


  1. Nice calves Darcy- what's the name of the new sire?

  2. Eclipse 1101 - he's a Hoodoo bull they bought out of Chris Black's sale. Clint and Wade Small own him with Dennis Metzger.


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