The month of love.

If you were a fly on the wall, in any ranching family's household during the month of February;

You might argue that February is NOT the month of love.

But I'd say it is.

Yes - if you tell me that February is the month when we're usually the crankiest, the grumpiest, the least patient....

You'd probably be right.

But I'd argue that this is the month when ranching couples show what their love is made of.

They prove why they're married, and why their love is strong.


So today, on February 14th, the one day we're supposed to celebrate love, and all things rosy & red;

I'll be here, celebrating him. 

And our marriage. 

Because he is the best {pardner}  I could ever ask for.

Because even when we're tired, and grumpy, and have short tempers...

We both know that we love each other.

And that it's a kind of love that is a
{Forever, and ever, and no matter what}
kind of love.

It's a kind of love that sees past the sleepiness, and the grumpiness and knows that those things are caused by a set of priorities...and not a lack of love.

It's an understanding that certain things have to be done during this time of year, and that those things rarely leave time for nice dinners out, roses picked out at the florist's or gifts set out to be opened.

To me, the ideal Valentine's Day just includes him. 

And if I want to ask for a lot, I'd ask for a dinner at home, a problem free night of checking heifers, and  no sick calves in the barn.

But that's just me.


Here's hoping each and every one of you has the {ideal} Valentine's Day. 

A day in which you celebrate those you love, and the priorities that have put those people in your life.

And if you need a little excitement in your day....

Well, you know you can probably find us at the calving barn.  :)


  1. Awwwww....your Mr. is a LUCKY man to have you for his Mrs!!! Wishing you many easy calving nights, with great Mama's and healthy babies! Sweet blessings!


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