Wisdom vs. AI

When I was a senior in college at OSU, my mom made an appointment for me to have my wisdom teeth taken out when I was home during Spring Break.

Turns out....that was the same weekend that 5 of us girls from the Young Cattlemen's Club were going to go to AI School in Hermiston.  I had my mom cancel the appointment, and I headed over to the East side for some inseminating fun!

The five of us piled into a room with two double beds at the Oxford, and got up early to make sure we could all make it thru the shower with hot water before we went to go practice breeding cows.  We called ourselves "The Inseminators" and made t-shirts that said so, along with pictures of AI guns.

Ooohh, the college days. 

And can I just tell you - we had a total blast.

Except....I never re-scheduled my appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed.  Until last month.  Turns out, for me at least - 30 isn't exactly the best age to have your wisdom teeth removed.  23 probably would have been better.

That being said, this last week has not been the greatest, and while I had grand plans last week for getting a lot of things done while I was at home "resting"....

All I did was sleep. 

And if I'm being honest, even though I was able to go back to work this week, it has been super painful and not exactly the greatest experience. 

But....after 10 days I think I am on the uphill slide.  


Did I jinx myself by just writing that?

So my advice to you today is....if you have to have your wisdom teeth taken out, don't delay.

Unless you need to go to AI school....then just make sure you re-schedule it for as soon as you get home.  :D


  1. Ian's next ... you may need to give him a pep talk :)

    P.S. you sounded GREAT today :)


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